Ethical Food Entrepreneurship

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The food industry is a complex, global collective of diverse businesses that supply our food in the context of great environmental challenges. Recent global events have highlighted the frailties of the food sector & its supply chain. They have also upended local, national & global food systems & put the Sustainable Development Goals further out of reach. The world’s growing food demand & the need for ethical and sustainable practices have become a challenge that the EU & UN are encouraging us all to tackle. The time is right for our Ethical Food Entrepreneurship.

ETHICAL FOOD ENTREPRENEURSHIP (EFE) will contribute to the professional development of food HEI & VET educators by increasing their pedagogic skills to develop and teach new food entrepreneurship supports based on triple-bottom-line businesses (planet, people, profit). We will empower a new generation of food entrepreneurs to start, grow & adopt new ethical food enterprises. Ethical food production includes consideration of people, the environment & animals.


By empowering educators to commit to EFE’s innovative learning and teaching practices to tackle societal challenges, we will upskill students as potential ethical food entrepreneurs and accelerate progress across key elements of the SDGs.   When we equip SMEs and start-ups, we are directly helping to breed the innovative food concepts & thriving new businesses that the EU needs.


To achieve these objectives during this project we are working closely as partners and with our target groups to generate the following high-quality interrelated results:

  1. An Educators Guide to Drivers and Enablers for Innovation of Ethical Foods is an investigation, analysis, and forward-focused knowledge publication on the business opportunities arising from ethical/clean foods. It will present both policy and market/consumer trends, drawing conclusions about the opportunities, benefits, and challenges of food SMEs developing innovative ethical foods.
  2. Innovating Ethical Foods, Entrepreneurship Manual is an Entrepreneurship Start-up Manual specifically to help students and potential food entrepreneurs to understand the steps involved in starting/ diversifying into an ethical food business. This is the first start-up resource that will be designed specifically for the ethical food sector. It will be particularly relevant for students, educators and SMEs founders whose primary discipline or qualification is in food science. We want to highlight the powerful market opportunity that ethical foods present.
  3. Open Educational Resources (OERs) to teach a 90-day Ethical Food Entrepreneurship programme. This will be a comprehensive set of OERs to enable HEI providers to deliver a 90-day Ethical Food Entrepreneurship course to their students/potential entrepreneurs of SMEs including curricula, learning objectives, evaluation techniques & recommended content for classroom-based courses. The development of an intuitive pedagogy and trainer resources will increase competencies in digital teaching approaches in line with EntreComp.
  4. Ethical Food Entrepreneurship Sharing and Mentoring Platform will be both a circular classroom and a peer-learning and knowledge-sharing platform during and after the course has finished. Members can share new ideas, practices, and business ideas with each other.

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Project Manager

Food Sector Specialist 

Paula is passionate about Food and is leads multiple Irish and EU food projects with Momentum. Her focus is on those that revolve around creating a better and more sustainable future, through improved entrepreneurship, food business support, and empowering educators across the food sector.  Paula is a life-long learner herself and recently completed a Postgraduate in Innovation and Enterprise development with Trinity College Dublin, as well as a Green Belt in Lean and Six-Sigma project management.  Paula’s interest in food began at a young age and after her BSc. Food Science from University College Cork she travelled the world to expand her knowledge and experience. After returning to the West of Ireland she owned and ran a busy health café for almost 18 years. 

Outside of work, Paula loves to experiment with food and create new dishes for her young family. She cannot function without good quality coffee and is enjoying her renewed interest in tennis with a bunch of great friends…(it tends to be more social than competitive!) 


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