About the Project

As work is increasingly delivered remotely, a new and digital form of work-based learning has recently emerged – this is what this project calls eWBL. The aim of the eWBL project is to up-skill educators in Higher Education (lecturers, trainers and administrative staff) on how to design and deliver high-quality digital work-based learning.

eWBL seeks to boost the work readiness and employability of graduates. The project will specifically focus on how work-based learning competences could be fostered in the absence of a physical environment. As the work environment is increasingly shifting to online and hybrid formats, ways of making work-based learning effective in this new environment has become an urgent need of educators across the EU. The project addresses this specific need by developing frameworks, tools, and guidelines that educators in HE (lecturers, trainers, and administrative staff) could use to deliver high-quality eWBL.


To realise our goal, the project will explore how 25 high-quality WBL providers across Europe have dealt with the pedagogical and technological challenges associated with the transition from WBL to eWBL and the solutions they have devised. The investigation will result into frameworks and replicable models, a toolkit, open educational resources (OERs), capacity-building activities and multiplier events that will help train those involved in WBL provision in higher education.

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Project Manager

Head of EU Projects

A firm believer in open innovation and transnational cooperation Grace is head of our EU project team. She brings strategic direction to our work by building and maintaining powerful EU connections and originating game changing projects. Her passion projects are those which create impact on rural economies and communities, foster inclusion and embrace next generation digital technology.  

Grace has over 10 years’ experience working on EU projects, is an entrepreneur and has a strong academic background with a BA in New Media and English and continuing professional development in the realms of education, communications and marketing. Grace lives on a dairy farm in rural South East Galway with her husband Raymond and their son Paddy. She affectionately calls the milking parlour on the farm her ‘Think tank’ as she some of her best ideas have come to her there. 


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