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About the Project

The FORESTWELL project aims to create innovative, attractive educational approaches within the vocational education & training sector specifically within the wellbeing tourism arena.


Project Description

The objective of the FORESTWELL project is to develop an innovative and sustainable teaching module in an Augmented Reality environment for Vocation Education & Training (VET) providers, VET learners and entrepreneurs in the tourism and wellness industry to develop the knowledge and skills aimed at capitalizing the latest megatrend known as forest-based wellbeing, wellness and tourism.

The FORESTWELL Projects aims are to implement the innovative and stimulating learning environment in VET and creation of an upskilling pathway for entrepreneurs in wellness and tourism. We will achieve this through the development of the below project results:

Desk Research on the Identification of forest-related skills. 

This report will identify forest-based skills in tourism and wellness enterprises within our partner countries across Europe including, Slovenia, Iceland, Denmark, Ireland, Finland, & Portugal and highlights the gaps within VET educations within the sector.

Design of the Educational Program. 

Through the work on this we will develop the Forestwell educational program and Massive Open Online Course. These training materials will be tailored for VET educators and trainers and in company trainers aiming at ensuring green, digital and sustainable forest-based knowledge, skills and attitudes.

Implementation of the Educational Program. 

Through the implementation of the FORESTWELL Educational Program we will be able to try and test the materials with our target group to ensure that our materials are of the highest standard.

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