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Future Festival Tools

About the Project

Our project introduces a new methodology for training festival/outdoor events’ professionals in environmental competences, so they can adopt new business models and reduce the environmental impact of their events. Future Festival Tools brings festival organisations together to work on the future of the sector at the most challenging time we have faced.

Project Description

On completion of our Future Festival Tools project, we will have enabled current and future generations of festival and events’ professionals to improve their competences in relation to climate action and forward-thinking approaches to sustainable business/entrepreneurship. The long-term result will be a reduction in the environmental impact of the events sector and improved progress towards the national and European climate goals while ensuring that sector personnel are better equipped to deal with business planning for the future.

The first tangible results of the project will be the intellectual outputs (resources):

IO1 Self-Assessment Tool. An online tool that raises awareness by enabling users to rate current performance in six key practical areas, linked to the policy themes of the EU Green Deal

IO2 Best Practice Compendium (Inspirational Green Festival Stories) A set of examples of sustainable festivals in practice alongside interpretation and analysis which introduces professionals, stakeholders and VET trainers to the scope and scale of sustainable practices, and persuade them to go further.

IO3 Online Course. A comprehensive, user-friendly e-learning course which provides a robust knowledge base in sustainable business practice and climate action, and develops users’ skills to act sustainably and lead change in six key areas: energy, waste, food, water, travel, and governance.

IO4 Trainers’ Handbook. Contains a curriculum of the course structure and learning objectives covered in the online course and additional guidance on adapting the Self-Assessment Tool, Best Practice Compendium and Online course for classroom use with students of events management, hospitality and related disciplines.

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