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About the Project

GRASSROOTS wants to take advantage of ecotourism entrepreneurship as an emerging and powerful trend. GRASSROOTS aims to introduce new models, skills, experiential learning, collaborative conversations, exchange of best practices, formal and informal entrepreneurship education to youth in the fields of eco-tourism sport, street food, street art and digitalization.


Project Description

Eco-health tourism is closely aligned with the priorities of today’s youth. It is underpinned by sustainability and how the quality of their natural environments is positively influenced by nature, culture, tourism, and protection and integrated to the benefit of their local community. Climate change and COVID have recently catapulted the need for young entrepreneurs to get involved in eco-health tourism to combat millennium challenges by intersecting green practices with themes linked close to their hearts, e.g., sport, street culture, street food, street art and digitalization.

GRASSROOTS provides 4 key FREE resources.   

Innovative Eco-Health Tourism Initiatives Guide 

This is a good practice guide that will identify innovative practices in youth initiatives in the field of eco-health tourism. Learners and educators will gain access to interactive learning resources, eco-tourism sector initiatives, case studies, and inspiring existing best practices.

Educational Pedagogical Guide 

The Educational Pedagogical Guide is designed specifically for youth and eco-health tourism initiatives. It includes an innovative pedagogical designed as a how-to-mentor guide for tourism experts who wish to educate youth and require this resource as educational delivery support.

Entrepreneurial Training Courses for Youth Workers 

The Course is for youth workers and will provide immersive training on how to start, develop and operate a sustainable eco-tourism project or business. Recipients will learn from other entrepreneurs in a peer-to-peer community approach how to create a sustainable business model, find and attract their target groups, finance their GRASSROOTS idea, and enable them to go from idea to creation and generate ultimate impact.

Immersive Online Toolkit 

The Online Interactive Toolkit will present cutting-edge step-by-step advice on how young people can create an eco-tourism initiative or business by presenting other young eco-health tourism entrepreneurs in an interactive way. Recipients will understand cross-cutting entrepreneurial topics such as communication, technical assessments, human and economic elements…and more. 

Laura Magan

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