Include Her

About the Project

INCLUDE HER is increasing the digital skills of HEI managers and academic staff to implement an innovative approach to empower female migrants in higher education to attain higher levels of digital skills, with the aim to redress the gender imbalance in the digital sphere.

The digital gender gap is most acute among migrant/refugees who, as both migrants & women face a double disadvantage that is consistently confirmed by research.”  Barriers include the disruption that migration poses to their learning process, cultural gender stereotypes as to the role of women, and discrimination (conscious and unconscious) that limits access to education.

The first tangible results of the project will be the intellectual outputs which will be used by HEIs in their continuing education and outreach programmes with female migrants:

  • IO1 DIGITAL ROUTE MAP. This interactive, online tool will present indicators of digital competences, thus helping Migrant women to identify their current level of digital competence in each of the five DigComp areas.
  • IO2 DIGITAL DEVELOPMENT RESOURCES. These will be a focused yet flexible set of OERs which adapt existing best practice in digital skills education for use with migrant women in continuing education settings.
  • IO3 MOOC. This output will enable the OERS to be transferred into a state-of-the-art open access online course to allow women migrants to develop their digital skills in a friendly but effective digital environment.



Project Manager


Project Manager