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Include Me+

About the Project

INCLUDE ME+ empowers higher education organisations, educators, media professionals, and students across Europe to shape digital media for inclusion, participation, and peace-building. Through innovative education initiatives and collaborative efforts, we aim to uphold democratic values with the backing of credible and trusted media engagement. Join us in reshaping media's impact on nurturing unity and resilience in Europe.


Project Description

INCLUDE ME+, is a transformative initiative empowering educators, media professionals, civil society organisations, and students across Europe to shape the future of digital media. At its core, INCLUDE ME+ ties together the power of mediation, higher education and the media industry to nurture inclusion, participation, and peace-building across Europe.

In today’s dynamic digital landscape, we recognise the critical role of education in cultivating responsible and active contributors to media evolution. Through innovative programs, INCLUDE ME+ equips higher educators and students alike with the tools to navigate and influence digital media responsibly. By promoting an understanding of EU values and enabling unity amidst diversity, we aim to fortify democratic principles and enhance media freedom across the continent.

In response to current challenges, INCLUDE ME+ stands in solidarity with Ukraine and other disrupted countries and nations in Europe e.g., supporting higher education institutions in welcoming Ukrainian students both within Ukraine and as refugees. By integrating mediation into media practices, we aspire to amplify voices for peace and strengthen resilience in conflict zones.

Our approach isn’t just theoretical—it’s practical and collaborative. INCLUDE ME+ pioneers new methods in media content creation, emphasising peace-building narratives and recovery efforts. Through flexible learning pathways and modular course designs, including part-time, online, and blended formats, we adapt to diverse educational needs and promote international collaboration. Join us on this journey to redefine digital media’s role in society. Together, we’ll pave the way for inclusive, participatory, and peace-building media practices across Europe. Let’s shape a future where media not only informs but also empowers communities to thrive.




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