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About the Project

The INCLUDE ME – Inclusion Through Mediation Project aims to empower learners, activists and migrants to become peer-to-peer mediators in their communities and their wider area.

Mediation is a tool which is underutilised by many countries, communities and wider education and support groups, the main reason being a lack of understanding and education surrounding this topic. In line with the mass influx of refugees, our every-changing political and cultural landscape we are always going to experience tensions and conflict, it is how these conflicts are met which will shape the future of our society. Communities in strife, and minority ethnic, refugee groups are all facing similar barriers and we have a solution which can help to break down these barriers.

This project delivers the following results:


  • Output 1: INCLUSION THROUGH MEDIATION Good Practice Guide (UBSF) will introduce the concept of conflict and tension resolution via mediation to stakeholders (HEI providers, educators, community leaders and activists, local support groups) and outline it’s capacity to integrate refugee and other disadvantaged persons into the wider community.
  • Output 2: Inclusion Through Mediation Open Education Resources will encourage teachers, trainers and adult/community educators to use a systematic approach to integrate mediation education into their organization’s continued learning curriculum. As a direct result of the development of this IO and during the project, 12 educators will be upskilled in mediation, they will then go on to train and empower 32 learners, community volunteers in mediation and communication skills as part of the pilot testing.
  • Output 3: INCLUDE ME Massive Open Online Course will be a user-friendly and basic platform (to allow for those with minimal digital competence), it will provide a place for learning as well as peer connection and networking. The MOOC will be piloted tested by 64 users during the lifetime of the project, and this number will increase to hundreds after the project has ended.

Our Include Me project has a clear aim: empower learners, activists and migrants to become peer-to-peer mediators in their communities and wider area.



Project Manager


Project Manager