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About the Project

NatAlli is creating a unique mentoring programme to train mentors and help highly-educated Ukrainian women become successful entrepreneurs or drive change within existing companies. It will build resilience and support them in rebuilding their economies and communities following crises. We will develop an online innovation network where women can learn and share knowledge and experiences at every career stage.


Project Description

NatAlli refers to the name Natalia, derived from the Latin word natalis, meaning ‘birthday’, ‘start’, ‘born’ or ‘sunrise’. NatAlli seeks to be the benchmark in fostering societies’ renascence through “Lifelong Learning Mentoring Programmes and Alliances”.

Seven partners from four countries unite the NatAlli project team – a mentoring programme to train mentors and accompany highly educated Ukrainian women to act as entrepreneurs and agents of regeneration. The project seeks to establish an online community of women who can support and learn from each other, for intergenerational learning and knowledge transfer between women at different career stages.

NatAlli mentors will be trained to deliver a mentorship programme to highly educated Ukrainian women. The focus is on first equipping mentors with the necessary tools to provide quality mentoring through education, development, and empowerment of mentoring skills. NatAlli facilitates peer-to-peer mentoring, in which women mentor each other, providing a sense of community and mutual support that may be particularly valuable during a crisis. A Virtual Innovation Ecosystem allows the different stakeholders to combine resources and reach each other to support Ukraine’s HEIs in regenerating and creating long-term impact.

Under the leadership of FH Munster, NatAlli will progress through five main activities. Initially, strategic foresight informs the design and development of the mentoring programme. Impact Hub Amsterdam will design, develop and deliver the NatAlli Mentoring Programme supported by Impact Hub Odessa. In parallel, Momentum will create the NatAlli Virtual Innovation Ecosystem as well as share and promote the project. UIIN will facilitate the NatAlli Bootcamp in Amsterdam with International European University, Ukraine setting out a NatAlli Sustainability Blueprint to highlight points of adaptation and standardisation of an approach that can be used during crisis times or post-crisis.

NatAlli will develop the next generation of women entrepreneurs and innovators capable of influencing and contributing to the regeneration process of their economies, as well as offering opportunities for HEIs in Ukraine and the European Union to build and exchange knowledge and resources.

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