Navigating Tourism Crisis Recovery

About the Project

T-CRISIS-NAV will enable HEIs to educate existing SMEs and future entrepreneurs in the tourism sector to gain the skills and tools needed to successfully navigate their business through a virulent crisis.

The Navigating Tourism Crisis Recovery Erasmus project will build on our existing knowledge with regard to crisis management, turnaround, curricula development and innovative learning content design and fill existing research GAPs with regard to crisis management and needs of SMEs in the tourism sector. Building on this, we will develop an up-to-date HEI curricula, an actionable VET-Training package, a set of open educational resources addressing SMEs and Start-ups and an innovative learning app: all helping to put existing and future owner/managers in tourism SMEs to gain the knowledge and management competencies to navigate their company through the virulent crisis and to become more crises resilient in the future.

FREE Resources include

  1. For Tourism SME’s an International Needs Analysis on Tourism Crisis Management
  2. For Higher Education a Tourism Crisis Curriculum
  3. For Regional Tourism a Tourism Crisis Curriculum
  4. A Crisis Navigation App



Project Manager


Project Manager