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About the Project

PROMISE (Professional Noticing to Improve Higher Education) is leading the transformation of how students in higher education institutions (HEIs) learn entrepreneurship. With Professional Noticing, PROMISE is stimulating a revolution in teaching practices that bridge the gap between knowledge and practice, addressing students’ future needs in a dynamic labour market.


Project Description

The PROMISE project is driven by the paramount objective of stimulating innovative learning and teaching practices in higher education. At its core, PROMISE seeks to empower higher education institutions (HEIs) to cultivate entrepreneurial competences among students by introducing a groundbreaking skill set: Professional Noticing.

Professional Noticing is the art of perceiving intricate details within a given context, comprehending their significance and employing this insight to make informed decisions in professional scenarios. Unlike a mere instinct or talent, this skill can be intentionally nurtured and stands as a hallmark of proficiency across various professions.

While Professional Noticing has earned recognition in academic research, it remains significantly underdeveloped within higher education. Its relevance to entrepreneurship education is particularly profound, as it equips students to bridge the realms of theory and practice. This skill encourages experiential learning, whether within the classroom or during work placements.

Through the implementation of open educational resources (OERs) during a rigorous empirical study, PROMISE endeavours to instil this newfound dimension of ‘noticing’ within entrepreneurial education. This student-centric approach emphasizes practical learning over theoretical instruction, better equipping learners with the skills demanded by the contemporary labour market.

PROMISE also contributes to the pursuit of excellence in learning, teaching and skills development. The project acknowledges the necessity of raising awareness and training educators to proficiently convey this innovative methodology. This is achieved through the development of the PROMISE Starter Kit, a comprehensive teacher-oriented training resource. Furthermore, a year-long empirical study, culminating in an academic paper, underscores the commitment to evidence-based work and enhances academic excellence.

By introducing the concept of Professional Noticing and fostering innovative teaching practices, PROMISE is not only enhancing learning experiences in higher education but also contributing to the development of more adaptable and skilled graduates ready to excel in the ever-changing labour market.

Anthony Carty

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