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About the Project

Rural Tour Project is a Training Program for Sustainable Rural Tourism. The main objective of the RuralTour project is to contribute to the sustainable rural tourism targets at the European level by developing the skills of business owners, managers, employees, VET students and potential entrepreneurs in the rural tourism sector through an innovative and easily accessible training platform.


Project Description

According to the estimates, the share of rural tourism in total tourism revenues in Europe is around 15% and shows a continuous increase. Important rural tourism activities are carried out Europe-wide such as small and medium-sized hotels, restaurants, village houses, etc. They are important and active in the rural tourism sector, especially in the form of family-run businesses. In addition to structural deficiencies, there is a significant lack of trained human resources, necessary training, skills and opportunities for the people working in the rural tourism sector. RuralTour aims to combat these gaps in the rural tourism sector to strengthen the industry, strengthen the activators and increase employment opportunities.

To reach the objectives of the RuralTour Project include a: 

A Rural Tourism Sector Report that analyses the current situation of the rural tourism sector in the partner countries to identify the potential of rural tourism in the partner countries and especially in the regions where the project partner institutions are located. A SWOT analysis was conducted to identify the main drawbacks of the rural tourism sector and determined the training needs of the owners and employees of tourism enterprises, and other sector stakeholders. This analysis evolved to develop an innovative curriculum and VET course.

The Best Practice Book and Video Showcase is a powerful resource of rural tourism stories, journeys and practices. The book of good practice videos from across European businesses from different countries communicates the potential and power of digital media for existing business owners and employees, potential entrepreneurs, and rural tourism students.

The E-Learning Platform on the Project Website encapsulates all the resources training programs, great stories, case studies, course and other compelling content specifically developed according to the needs of rural tourism target groups, communities and stakeholders.


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