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SIM Project

About the Project

The role of a Social Impact Manager is characterised by the ability to facilitate collaboration between companies and their local communities, fostering community resilience. The main aim of the SIM project is to empower European companies to assume a more significant role in addressing contemporary societal issues.


Project Description

Few programmes in Europe are focused on the link between corporate social responsibility (CSR) and community development. The Social Impact Manager (SIM) project proposes a complementary and innovative approach to CSR emphasizing the social impact dimension of a company that intends to expand the link with its community of people and stakeholders.

Equipped with specialised training and expertise, Social Impact Managers will excel in nurturing alliances and partnerships within their communities and devising and implementing sustainable solutions tailored to local challenges.
The Social Impact Manager is envisaged as:

  • A company’s point of reference for all activities related to where the company is located.
  • Responsible for building a workplace and a community where everyone can find greater satisfaction.
  • Considered the bridging figure between corporate responsibility initiatives targeting local communities and the corporate business strategy
  • Engaged in monitoring and assessing the impact of the company’s actions on the local community and in relating the sustainability actions to the business strategy of the company.


The SIM beneficiaries include the SME community, local communities, educational institutions, Chambers of Commerce and business associations as well as civil society actors, media organisations and the European and global networks.

Between 2023 and 2026, the SIM project will be developed through four main phases (Engage, Design, Empower, Evaluate and Exploit) and tested in five different EU countries: Italy, Austria, Greece, Croatia and France. The SIM Education Programme seeks to reach 150 learners and 50 European companies. The project will produce a report on the link between CSR & Community Development, host five hackathons, and an International SIM School and deliver 15 Social Impact Initiatives.




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