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About the Project

Entrepreneurship Education Focused on Digital, Sustainable Profitable Entrepreneurship Models. START-DSP is an innovative entrepreneurial education package revolutionizing Higher Education by infusing green, digital, sustainable, profitable entrepreneurial principles. START-DSP uses a transformative approach integrating key social, environmental, and sustainable concepts through practical implementation of the GreenComp, DigiComp, and EntreComp Frameworks.


Project Description

Intersection of Innovative Green, Digi, EntreComp Education

Our project adapts entrepreneurship education to current digital, environmental, and social trends, contributing to the advancement of the field. By operationalizing in these three high-demand frameworks, we aim to accelerate the impact of Higher Education on the green and digital transition, aligning with Erasmus+ priorities for fostering digital and green capabilities. By providing innovative learning materials focusing on digital, sustainable, and ethical business practices, the project will better equip educators and, in turn, empower students to address contemporary global challenges through entrepreneurship. We will do this by developing the START-DSP FREE University Educators Entrepreneurial Package which will include practical, forward-thinking resources that will enhance the learning experience and promote the development of sustainable and profitable digital business models.

FREE Integrated Resources + Practical Tools

  1. Toolbox: A collection of digitally focused entrepreneurship resources
  2. Curriculum: An innovative Digital, Green, Profitable Competence Framework supplemented by a set of curriculum resources and guide
  3. App: A Business Model App and Assessment Tool evaluating business models sustainability and profitability
  4. Online Knowledge Hub: A centralised platform offering a wealth of information and resources

Tailored to:

The target group of the Start-DSP project is primarily focused on addressing the needs of various educators and stakeholders in the field of entrepreneurship education.

  1. Firstly, the primary target group consists of HEI (Higher Education Institutions) Entrepreneurship Educators.
  2. Secondly students and businesses themselves who are the recipients of the START-DSP education.
  3. The Higher Education Institutions themselves, who are the professionals responsible for implementing entrepreneurship education courses, programs, services, and strategies within their institutions. The project aims to directly involve these educators in resource development and targeted dissemination, leveraging the consortium’s networks and global representation offices.
  4. Additionally, the project addresses a secondary target group comprising Adult and Vocational Education and Training (VET) Entrepreneurship Educators.
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