Sustainable Life Skills Cafe

About the Project

Sustainable Cafe Project supports a sustainable skills mindset and social inclusion which will enable disadvantaged groups including migrants, marginalised groups, and low/semi-skilled adults to acquire knowledge and develop attitudes and skills which support the adoption of vocational skills. As a result, it will help them navigate through a business environment.

Sustainable life skills have a substantial effect on the social environment, and business life. Soft skills include most of the important abilities such as problem-solving and the ability to work in a team. These skills are particularly important in sectors where social relation is of high importance for the delivery and quality of work. In the EU, disadvantaged groups including migrants, marginalised groups, and low/semi-skilled adults are the most vulnerable part of the community in terms of lacking a sustainable & soft skills mindset.

Sustainable Cafe toolkit and OERs (Open Educational Resources) will be introduced to provide practical guidance and resources for those wishing to establish an SLS mindset and lifelong learning concept with a focus on increasing confidence in their competencies and taking responsibility for their learning. We will follow with a Sustainable Café and Operator Handbook. These are events that are open and free to participants. The open cafes will have a friendly atmosphere, without hurdles or barriers, discussions of experiences will take place, and networking. The aim is to widen the participant’s awareness and support them to establish and achieve sustainable life skills. Group activities will set their mindset with focus activities and exercises to improve practical relevance and facilitate adaptation. A Sustainable Café mobile/tablet app will be introduced to provide infrastructure for the café operators. It will be used to post events and logistics in a calendar. This provides additional information to attract participants. It integrates maps and service options thus offering nearby café searches to support participants to join events.

As a result, Sustainable Cafe Project aims to support a sustainable skills mindset as well as social inclusion which will enable these adults to acquire knowledge, develop attitudes and skills which support the adoption of vocational skills, and as a result help them navigate through a business environment. We are empowering them to join the workforce thus having an impact on the regional economy.

Project Manager

Inclusion & EU Programme Specialist

Lola joined Momentum in March 2022, bringing over 20 years’ experience and a wealth of knowledge in the fields of inclusion, empowerment, charity, fashion, hospitality and retail.  Originally from Panama, Lola came to Ireland in 2015.   Settling into her new life in Leitrim without existing social and support networks made her sympathetic to the isolation many newcomers to Ireland feel. Her solution was to throw herself into her local community, joining local groups and volunteering her time for causes that matter to Lola. Then in Autumn 2021 through the Immigrant Council of Ireland, Lola participated in the ‘Migrant Councillor Internship Scheme, training migrants in the fundamentals of Irish politics. She was chosen as class speaker for the graduation ceremony at the Epic Museum, Dublin where her moving speech inspired her colleagues and high-profile attendees.  It is well worth a watch – 

Lola is an advocate for social justice. Over the last five years, she has worked with various Leitrim authorities in projects that advance the integration of new communities in Ireland. She sits on the board of the Leitrim Volunteer Centre and is currently Secretary of the board. Furthermore, she’s an inclusion pillar in the Leitrim Local Community Development Committee representing Leitrim International Community Group. 

All of her life experience and volunteer work is a beautiful foundation to her role as  Inclusion & EU Programme Specialist with Momentum.  In her time off, Lola enjoys Zumba because what’s better than dancing to exercise? Lola also enjoys being a foodie so trying new cafes or restaurant is a must – she’s still waiting for a good Mexican restaurant to open in Leitrim. If you love to bake then swap recipes with her as in a previous life she was the owner of a bakery. She shares her zest for life with her husband Kevin and her loving cat Glenn. 

LinkedIn: Raquel Lola Gonzalez | LinkedIn