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About the Project

The Vegan Food Project was designed to empower culinary students of today (& their educators) with the knowledge and skills to stay abreast of the global trends toward plant-based living. We aim to do this via a collection of innovative multi-media resources available on the project website.

The nutrition system of the world differs according to several factors including demographics, food origin, quality of life, culture, religion, etc. In the last 50 years, new nutrition and diet trends have frequently appeared. Veganism is one of these, but it appears to be a trend or movement that is here to stay. In the last 10 years, there has been an increase in the Vegan lifestyle by 350%. Evidence shows that people have an interest and desire for this system, that rejects animal exploitation, respects animals’ right to life and promotes health for our people and our planet.

To meet the needs of this new vegan way of life, this project has been designed to innovate menus across Europe. We aim to do this via kitchen workshops and a pioneering course aimed at educators and students. We want to equip the cooks and chefs of the future with the skills and knowledge to be able to meet consumer demands. Our creative workshops will give students the hands-on experience they require for learning, implementing, and transforming menus of the future. This learning will also be incorporated into a course. VET curriculums across Europe have been noted to be lacking in Vegan specific content. Our goal is to create a course that covers all the details of the vegan nutrition and cooking system. We are creating a pan-European collection of vegan restaurant-style recipes and menus that will be presented in a multi-media format for inspiration and reference all as part of our OERs (Open Educational Resources). We aim to make our work permanent and accessible with our custom-designed E-learning platform.

Through our accessible and free resources, it is hoped that the vegan nutrition system will become familiar to many institutions that serve, produce, teach and support food and beverage within our regions, our priority target group, and therefore, equip educators and students to transform their skills into economic products.


Project Manager


Project Manager

Food Sector Specialist 

Paula is passionate about Food and is leads multiple Irish and EU food projects with Momentum. Her focus is on those that revolve around creating a better and more sustainable future, through improved entrepreneurship, food business support, and empowering educators across the food sector.  Paula is a life-long learner herself and recently completed a Postgraduate in Innovation and Enterprise development with Trinity College Dublin, as well as a Green Belt in Lean and Six-Sigma project management.  Paula’s interest in food began at a young age and after her BSc. Food Science from University College Cork she travelled the world to expand her knowledge and experience. After returning to the West of Ireland she owned and ran a busy health café for almost 18 years. 

Outside of work, Paula loves to experiment with food and create new dishes for her young family. She cannot function without good quality coffee and is enjoying her renewed interest in tennis with a bunch of great friends…(it tends to be more social than competitive!) 


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