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Youth Fit for 55

About the Project

The Youth Fit for 55 project aims to educate and empower young people about the challenges and solutions to climate change and environmental protection. The project emphasises green practices throughout its stages and encourages the development of sustainable strategies by policy makers.


Project Description

The main goal is to inspire young people to take action and create positive social initiatives in their communities. Our mission is to raise awareness, understanding, and commitment among the youth sector towards the Green Transition and the challenges it addresses on three main pillars – environmental, economic, and social.

We believe that educating young people about fighting climate change and environmental protection is vital. To complement our efforts, we have incorporated green practices in all project stages, as described in the designated section “Involvement of Green Practices.”

Our Youth-fit-for-55 model promotes the development of new and resource-efficient strategies by policy makers to endorse the generation of sustainable development projects. Our project aims to empower young people to take a stance and generate green social initiatives to fight against climate change and bring positive social effects in their communities.

Project Outcomes: 

  • Develop and implement an Awareness Campaign for the youth sector aimed at promoting knowledge sharing, process underpinning, and creativity stimulation.
  • Create a practical Digital Toolkit for young people, aimed at guiding them through the process of designing and implementing projects and long-term strategies to incorporate green practices.
  • Develop a methodological guide that serves as a blueprint for youth-serving organisations.
  • Develop a web platform/digital hub to ensure the sustainability, proper distribution.
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