ISTEP – Erasmus+

In recent years, VET colleges have shown impressive progress in developing entrepreneurship programmes in their schools. More and more colleges have such a programme in place. And on top of that, the quality of the programmes is increasing. More and more entrepreneurship programmes are involving, competence based and aimed at active learning.

Even though many colleges, besides entrepreneurial behaviour, also promote international experiences for their students, the connection between entrepreneurship and internationalisation is rarely made. Wouldn’t it be great if students that work on entrepreneurship were given the opportunity to work with foreign students and explore possibilities for internationalisation? This is exactly what the I-STEP project has done.

Working with project partners in Lithuania, Netherlands, United Kingdom and Ireland, Momentum have been involved in the creation of:

  • I-STEP Programme (OER) is a training programme for VET students that highlights all aspects that are important in doing business internationally. The materials can be downloaded for free.
  • I-STEP Online Community where all those interested in Internationalisation (students, teachers, businesses) can come together and communicate
  • Teacher Manual is a hands-on and practical applicable manual to help teachers implement international entrepreneurship in their VET school

Check out these I-STEP project newsletters to see how our project developed over the two years.

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