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Generation Blockchain

This project will directly contribute to the enhancement of digital learning and teaching in HEIs and the development of advanced digital skills in our students so that they are better prepared to contribute to the digital transformation of society. To achieve this, we will create a suite of training resources that can be used by […]

Future Festival Tools

On completion of our Future Festival Tools project, we will have enabled current and future generations of festival and events’ professionals to improve their competences in relation to climate action and forward-thinking approaches to sustainable business/entrepreneurship. The long-term result will be a reduction in the environmental impact of the events sector and improved progress towards […]


RESULT 01 PRACTICAL GUIDE TO INTERGENERATIONAL DIGITAL-SERVICE LEARNING Introduces HEI lecturers to the topic with rigorously researched, up-to-date knowledge on the impact of the pandemic on the practice of service learning, education and intergenerational relationships. The guide will provide best practices to shift service learning to digital service learning and will introduce the innovative method […]

Cultural Heritage 2.0

The cultural and creative sectors were among the most severely impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. A rapid push to develop new digital models of customer engagement is proving to be a challenge within the cultural heritage sector. Covid-19 has highlighted existing inequalities between larger cultural heritage organizations and smaller players with the latter having lower […]

Circular Creatives

Empowering Creative Circular Entrepreneurs (ECCE) was conceived with this understanding in mind, that the creative industry will not return to its pre-pandemic peak until a new method of supporting and upskilling creatives for modern, sustainable business and future of employment needs are introduced. There must be a way to future-proof the creative sector after covid. […]

Cultural Social Innovation Europe

The objectives of the project are to: 1) Increase awareness & commitment to CSI at all levels in the adult education and youth sector by evidencing its contribution to empowerment, integration and competence development. 2) Strengthen the capacity of adult/youth orgs to teach CSI by improving the knowledge and digital skills of adult/youth educators and […]

Street Culture for Regions

Street culture has grown exponentially in recent years, driven by the mainstreaming of youth culture and the revitalization of urban areas. From street art to food trucks, pop-up markets to cutting edge fashion and sport, street culture is any commercial activity that takes place “on the streets” and contains the creative forces that can mould […]

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