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An update on the Digital Crossroads Project

The Digital Crossroads transnational meeting took place in the UK earlier this year. The meeting was hosted by the National Enterprise Network at their headquarters in Milton Keynes. Laurence was there representing Momentum, alongside Education Mobility Grid and European E-learning Institute. Thanks to modern technology, the rest of the project partners were able to join via zoom.  […]

The Digital Crossroads Meeting in Milton Keynes

It made a lovely change for some of the digital crossroads team to meet in real life rather than via zoom. The transnational partner meeting took place recently, hosted by the UK partner,  National Enterprise Network at their headquarters in Milton Keynes. You can see from the lovely smiling faces how proud the Digital Crossroads […]

Digital Wellbeing – The Digital Crossroads Project

DIGITAL CROSSROADS aims to design, develop and implement a new approach to train European SME managers in employee digital wellbeing. Many large corporations are already addressing digital overload, via wellbeing policies within their HR/CSR work. In a 2018 study of 500 senior HR executives from global organisations, 70% stated that policies to promote digital wellbeing […]

Digital Crossroads – Portugal Approves the ‘Right to Disconnect’ Law

With so many people working from home due to the pandemic, the lines have become quite blurred as regards to working hours. We read with interest, the new ‘Right to Disconnect’ law that was recently passed in Portugal. The law now makes it illegal for employers to contact their staff outside working hours. Euronews goes […]

The Social Media Outage – A Digital Crossroads

Many of you may know that on October 4th, 2021, there was an outage on some of the social media platforms for over five hours. Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp were shut down, in what has been described by CNBC, as the worst outage for Facebook since 2008. Facebook apologised for the outage which impacted the […]

Digital Wellbeing for Enterprises – The Digital Crossroads Project

With so many people working from home since the Covid Pandemic began we really are at a digital crossroads and this project couldn’t have come at a better time for both businesses and employees. Some employees feel like they are ‘always on’ and that they have lost their routine over the last year. This may […]

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