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An Introduction to the Digital Social Impact Course Configurator

The Digital Social Impact Course Configurator is a digital tool which enables HEI educators to design a tailored Digital Social Impact course, project or lesson. The project team for Digital Social Impact have curated a list of suggested teaching approaches, activities, tools and topics which can be used with HEI students to teach and incite […]

The Best Practice Audit of the Digital Social Impact Project is now Live

This ‘Best Practice Audit’ of digital teaching formats has researched and mapped current best practices amongst European HE lecturers and their work to create societal impact via digital teaching formats. In the audit you can discover insights and inspiration about social impact. You can also read about 20 best practice case studies identified by the […]

The Digital Social Impact – Hybrid Meeting

Last month the Digital Social Impact project partners met in Ljubljana, unfortunately Grace was unable to attend. In the past, it would have meant fully missing the meeting, but now thanks to all the new remote and hybrid meeting skills developed during Covid and the great technical set up by our friends in the Univerza […]

Digital Social Impact – An Introduction

We are delighted to be working on the Digital Social Impact project, it’s one that we feel will really make a difference. The project is inspired by the potential of technology and digital pedagogies (the ways we teach online) to create social impact. When we look at things a little bit differently we can inspire […]

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