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The Innovating Food For Seniors (PIFS) Project – Future of Food Event

Innovating Food for Seniors

We recently organised an event to publicly showcase the outputs of the PIFS project and increase the visibility and uptake of the project outputs amongst the most relevant stakeholder organisations. The event took place at the new BIA Innovator Campus, Athenry, Co. Galway, and one of the main focuses was the FUTURE of FOOD in Europe. We […]

Pioneering Innovative Food for Seniors Project – Open Education Resources

The Pioneering Innovative Food for Seniors (PIFS) Project has been an enormous success. The Open Education Resources is a new, free, and open access training model that curates different areas of knowledge and skills development in the high-growth area of food for seniors. The team have created six modules aimed at food sector trainers and […]

Innovating Food for Seniors – Transnational Project Meeting

Last month Paula went to Granada, Spain for the transnational project meeting of the PIFS Project (Innovating Food for Seniors). Together with partners from Germany, UK, Lithuania and Spain we are developing learning resources for food companies to innovate and commercialise nutrient-enriched foods for our aging population. Europe is home to the oldest population in […]

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