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Nudging 360

“Nudging” is a concept where subtle cues or suggestions are provided to gently steer people’s behaviour or decisions towards a desired outcome, without forcing them or taking away their choice. Nudging has gained popularity in recent years as a tool for policymakers and marketers, who aim to influence behaviour in a way that is beneficial […]

SIM Project

Few programmes in Europe are focused on the link between corporate social responsibility (CSR) and community development. The Social Impact Manager (SIM) project proposes a complementary and innovative approach to CSR emphasizing the social impact dimension of a company that intends to expand the link with its community of people and stakeholders. Equipped with specialised […]


The PROMISE project is driven by the paramount objective of stimulating innovative learning and teaching practices in higher education. At its core, PROMISE seeks to empower higher education institutions (HEIs) to cultivate entrepreneurial competences among students by introducing a groundbreaking skill set: Professional Noticing. Professional Noticing is the art of perceiving intricate details within a […]


COMM UNITY is a project to amplify the voices of marginalized groups through the power of community radio. As a community-driven and community-owned platform, community radio enables these groups to express themselves and acquire new skills. The European Broadcasting Union (EBU) reported that individuals from smaller communities and ethnic minorities are significantly underrepresented on radio […]

Blockchain for Agrifood Educators

Agri-food supply chains are complex and involve a large number of actors — from small-scale farmers, primary processors, and traders to product manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and consumers. The emerging blockchain technologies, which improve transparency, security, and durability of supply chains, show promise for addressing the current limitations of food supply chain management:- Covid -19 has […]

Youth Fit for 55

The main goal is to inspire young people to take action and create positive social initiatives in their communities. Our mission is to raise awareness, understanding, and commitment among the youth sector towards the Green Transition and the challenges it addresses on three main pillars – environmental, economic, and social. We believe that educating young […]

Design for Change

Design For Change is an ERASMUS+ project which provides Adult Educators, Social Change Actors, Policy Stakeholders, and other stakeholders involved in social change with the tools to use Design Thinking principles as a standard when: Deciding on priority issues, Determining who is affected by community problems and how, Determining what solutions are possible How they […]


Studies suggest that young people have a high interest in entrepreneurship, yet only a small fraction start their own businesses due to barriers such as a lack of knowledge, skills, and a fear of failure. The youth of today are politically and ethically involved, as evidenced by movements like Fridays for Future and protests against […]


Youth well-being is one of the most important EU agendas and is at the core of the EU Youth Strategy 2019-2027. We know that being part of an engaging community gives us a sense of belonging. The project will enable community wellbeing through youth learning and produce wider social benefits. Youth learning rooted in utilizing […]

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