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The LGBTQI+ Youth Net Training Event in Strasbourg

Lola was in Strasbourg recently for the LGBTQI+ Youth Net Training event. The transnational partner meeting also took place in Strasbourg, and it was perfect timing to discuss the project, as it also coincided with pride week.  The LGBTIQ YOUTH NET project is tackling the rising issue of online anti-LGBTIQ hate speech, which affects the […]

Interview with Funké Egberongbe – For the 3 Kitchens Project

Food is an important aspect of culture and identity. It can be a powerful starting point for migrant women to share their cultural heritage and build connections with their local communities. The 3 KITCHENS project is an adult education initiative to empower migrant women in three key areas: volunteering, employment, and entrepreneurship. It offers a […]

The PLANET PULSE Kick-off Meeting: Oslo, Norway

The Erasmus+ Cooperation Partnership Project, PLANET PULSE, had its kick-off meeting in Oslo, Norway, on May 22nd – 23rd, 2024, hosted by Climate Creativity. The purpose of the meeting was to establish a basis for effective collaboration and impact-driven teamwork within the PLANET PULSE Project. This 2-year project aims to address the growing issue of […]

The EU Dare Transnational Meeting in Nitra

  Leon was in beautiful Nitra, Slovakia recently for the transnational project meeting of the EU Dare Project. Nitra is the oldest town in Slovakia, and the views of the whole town from the Castle and Calvary Hill were stunning. The river Nitra runs though the town and there are some lovely walks alongside it. […]

The INGROW Project Meeting in Sweden

The last in-person meeting of the INGROW project took place in the beautiful city Karlskrona in Sweden. The journey was quite a challenge,navigating Swedish train journeys, but Lola enjoyed meeting up with the partners again, and visiting Karlskrona, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The INGROW project aims to provide modular, flexible, and innovative […]

The Wellhoody Project Meeting in Germany

The Wellhoody (Wellbeing in Diverse Youth Communities) Transnational Partner Meeting took place in Germany recently. This was a bitter sweet meeting, as it was the last in-person meeting for this project. WELLHOODY is an innovative approach that will upskill YOUTH educators & communities in racially diverse communities to empower youth wellbeing & recognise strengths that […]

European Youth Week 2024

European Youth Week is in full swing, and will run from 12th to the 19th of April, hosted by the European Commission, to promote youth engagement, participation and active citizenship all over Europe and beyond. We’d like to take this opportunity to share some of our youth projects with you. Activating Young Rural Development (ACORN) […]

MOSAIC project to develop a more inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem in Europe.

The innovation potential of start-ups by founders currently underrepresented among entrepreneurial communities is undeniable.  The MOSAIC project aims to address this and support entrepreneurs from underrepresented backgrounds. The EU Commission identified the potential of Migrant and Ethnic Minority Entrepreneurs as an under-exploited source of economic growth to be addressed specifically through inclusive entrepreneurship. Yet they […]

The Future Cast FEMCON Event in Manorhamilton, Leitrim

Future Cast hosted a wonderful event in Manorhamilton recently. The FEMCON (Empowering Women in Construction) Event took place on March 28th, in the W8 Centre. Future Cast is an Innovation, Education, and R&D centre focused on the Construction and Quarrying industries. They are also one of the partners for the FEMCON project. Lola is Momentum’s project […]

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