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Learning for All

Learning for All is an ambitious initiative aimed at organisational transformation within adult education centres to foster inclusion and diversity effectively. This Erasmus+ funded project emphasises improving recruitment, retention, and upskilling within adult education to address societal challenges highlighted by the ongoing pandemic and geopolitical tensions. Spanning over 24 months, the project is designed around […]


CollaboratiVET is enhancing Vocational Education and Training (VET) by implementing innovative digital strategies. This project’s core mission is to develop a collaborative environment in VET institutions through the integration of the Flipped Approach, which reverses the traditional learning model by engaging students in homework at school and instructional content at home, supporting a more interactive […]

InDo – Understanding by Design and Differentiated Instruction

At the heart of the InDo project lies the commitment to upskill educators in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) across Europe. The project’s primary goal is to ensure that educators are not just digitally competent but are also capable of creating inclusive and innovative learning spaces. This is achieved through a comprehensive approach that includes the […]


DATAVISUAL is a transformative project under Erasmus+ aimed at upskilling professionals and improving employability through advanced data visualisation skills. This 24-month initiative focuses on adapting VET to the evolving labour market influenced by digital transformation and the economic shifts brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. The project’s objectives are multifaceted: developing innovative digital skills through […]


The PROMISE project is driven by the paramount objective of stimulating innovative learning and teaching practices in higher education. At its core, PROMISE seeks to empower higher education institutions (HEIs) to cultivate entrepreneurial competences among students by introducing a groundbreaking skill set: Professional Noticing. Professional Noticing is the art of perceiving intricate details within a […]


The overall objective of ARENAS (Analysis of and Responses to Extremist Narratives) is to characterise, measure and understand the role of extremist narratives in discourses that have an impact on the political and social spheres, but also on the stakeholders themselves. By understanding how these narratives work, ARENAS will empower people to resist them and […]

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