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Waste 2 Worth

Food waste is a significant problem in the European Union (EU), with an estimated 88 million tonnes of food wasted annually. The issue not only has environmental and economic consequences, but food waste is a major contributor to food insecurity in the EU.  From an environmental standpoint, food waste contributes to climate change by releasing […]


Artificial intelligence (AI) is transforming industries and our daily lives, yet women are severely underrepresented in AI’s development and use. According to the World Economic Forum, only 22% of AI professionals are female, and even user data of leading AI tools like CHATGPT reinforce this imbalance, with 65% of users being male. This imbalance doesn’t […]


Studies suggest that young people have a high interest in entrepreneurship, yet only a small fraction start their own businesses due to barriers such as a lack of knowledge, skills, and a fear of failure. The youth of today are politically and ethically involved, as evidenced by movements like Fridays for Future and protests against […]

Migrants can PatENT

The PatENT project consortium believes that over time, our work in the field of entrepreneurship for migrants can be a powerful instrument not only for their employability but for the social inclusion of this target group into the community. Developing educational approaches to entrepreneurship, and particularly patent entrepreneurship among young migrants is the core of […]

EU Dare

It is no longer possible to look at food, livelihoods, health, and natural resource management separately. Addressing these complex and interdependent challenges requires embracing systems thinking through holistic approaches. EU-DARE will bring together European directives on sustainable agriculture, from the Farm to Fork strategy to the 2030 biodiversity strategy for smallholder farmers in Europe’s rural […]

We Lead

Tourism is the 3rd largest socio-economic sector in the EU. In 2011, the EU-28 women’s participation in the overall tourism workforce stood at 56% & 46% in the wider EU economy. Women in Travel & Tourism International are clear, “at the most senior levels women are disproportionately underrepresented.” Throughout the We Lead project; it is […]

The Housing Care Project

Today, Housing Care – Long-Term Care (LTC) for older adults in autonomous housing contexts and/or in economically sustainable residential alternatives to traditional residences for this cohort makes healthy ageing possible with the support of technologies. These technologies can lead to a change in care needs, with consequent improvement in the quality of life for older […]

Ethical Food Entrepreneurship

ETHICAL FOOD ENTREPRENEURSHIP (EFE) will contribute to the professional development of food HEI & VET educators by increasing their pedagogic skills to develop and teach new food entrepreneurship supports based on triple-bottom-line businesses (planet, people, profit). We will empower a new generation of food entrepreneurs to start, grow & adopt new ethical food enterprises. Ethical […]

Vegan Food

The nutrition system of the world differs according to several factors including demographics, food origin, quality of life, culture, religion, etc. In the last 50 years, new nutrition and diet trends have frequently appeared. Veganism is one of these, but it appears to be a trend or movement that is here to stay. In the […]

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