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Epic Stays

Epic Stays – Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Alternative Accommodation A Shared European Vision: Inspired by the Need for Tourism Accommodation and Rural Tourism Regeneration Epic Stays is more than just a project; it’s a partnership fuelled by a shared vision. Inspired by insights from global leading organisations like the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) and […]

Waste 2 Worth

Food waste is a significant problem in the European Union (EU), with an estimated 88 million tonnes of food wasted annually. The issue not only has environmental and economic consequences, but food waste is a major contributor to food insecurity in the EU.  From an environmental standpoint, food waste contributes to climate change by releasing […]


Food is an important aspect of culture and identity. It can be a powerful starting point for migrant women to share their cultural heritage and build connections with their local communities. Migrant women face significant challenges in accessing employment, entrepreneurship, and economic security. They are among the most disadvantaged groups in the EU. Despite their […]

Leadership for Diversity

Intercultural education must make significant advances in the ability of education professionals to work creatively and co-operatively toward change by focusing on school practice, whether in the classroom or within the school. The Leadership for Diversity project intends to improve the professional profiles of the target group and thus, enhance and promote more inclusive schools. […]


NGOs and TSOs have become essential actors in the social field, particularly in the fight against poverty and social exclusion, and played a vital role during the COVID crisis.  At organisational level, they have been particularly affected by the crisis and undergoing radical changes, while capacity building has not been an overt agenda. Leaders drive […]

Migrants can PatENT

The PatENT project consortium believes that over time, our work in the field of entrepreneurship for migrants can be a powerful instrument not only for their employability but for the social inclusion of this target group into the community. Developing educational approaches to entrepreneurship, and particularly patent entrepreneurship among young migrants is the core of […]

EU Dare

It is no longer possible to look at food, livelihoods, health, and natural resource management separately. Addressing these complex and interdependent challenges requires embracing systems thinking through holistic approaches. EU-DARE will bring together European directives on sustainable agriculture, from the Farm to Fork strategy to the 2030 biodiversity strategy for smallholder farmers in Europe’s rural […]


The overall objective of ARENAS (Analysis of and Responses to Extremist Narratives) is to characterise, measure and understand the role of extremist narratives in discourses that have an impact on the political and social spheres, but also on the stakeholders themselves. By understanding how these narratives work, ARENAS will empower people to resist them and […]

Accelerate Future HEI

Led by, University Industry Innovation Network (UIIN), the ambitious project brings together twelve European partners to develop and implement acceleration services. Partners are embarking on a journey to collaboratively gain an understanding of the higher education status quo and desired future state, develop a roadmap and subsequently implement and support programs of change for HEIs through expert coaching, […]

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