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InDo – Understanding by Design and Differentiated Instruction

The COVID-19 global outbreak resulted in a sudden transformation of classrooms from their usual face-to-face setting to their digital form (e-classroom).  This drastic shift and the now mainstreaming of digital education has led many European educators to realise that these teaching and learning approaches can potentially impoverish those who teach and those who learn. Some […]

Youth for Change

Technology was a saving grace for young people during the COVID19 lockdowns in Europe offering them an opportunity to escape, learn, socialise and connect. While technology is a great enabler, the current over and quite often misuse of technology by young people has been proven to be detrimental to their emotional wellbeing, mental and physical […]

Dark Sky Ecotourism

Dark Sky Ecotourism is an innovative vocational education project which seeks to produce a rise in the number of remote, rural European tourism businesses which develop innovative products and services based on the opportunities afforded by Dark Sky Ecotourism. The project partners involved are committed to sustainability – economic, social, and environmental and are passionate […]

Creative Communities First

COVID19 decimated the creative economy and in recent years it has needed saving. The creative industries add hundreds of millions of euros to European economies but during the COVID19 pandemic, due to restrictions and the social distancing paradigm thousands of creative collectives lost ways to promote and sell their work. At the same time, at […]

The ONE project

The ONE project’s goal is to increase the environmental knowledge and digital communication and collaboration competences of HE leaders and staff, to carry out multi-national projects successfully with only ONE transnational partner meeting. Collaboration between institutions is greater now than ever before. The rapid growth of communications technologies, the lowering costs of travel, increasing multilingualism […]

ACTIVATE Social Prescribing

Activate Social Prescribing for Community Learning promotes the principle of social prescribing to key adult education groups across the EU. As Europe emerges from Covid19, the wellbeing cost on our population is yet to be determined. Huge and overwhelming worries envelop our communities, sudden unemployment, weakened social institutions and eroded social capital. Social Prescribing is […]

Digital Innovation

Digital Innovation is investigating how small service companies currently undertake new product development so that we can improve how innovation in services is taught. From retail to real estate, transport to tourism, services provide 150 million EU jobs and their role in driving smart, sustainable and inclusive growth is undisputed. It has long been a […]

Digital Social Impact

The Digital Social Impact project is inspired by the potential of technology and digital pedagogies (the ways we teach online) to create social impact. It will create a step change and future proof how European universities engage with and create impact in their wider communities. The social impact of a university is often aligned to […]

INACT Inclusive Educators

The goal of INACT is to provide educators with the knowledge, skills and confidence to engage in pedagogic innovation, helping them to create inclusive, innovative and genuinely engaging learning experiences for all their students. The world is changing fast and it is vital that education keeps pace. Yet, at a time when innovation is most […]

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