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Blockchain for Agrifood Educators

Agri-food supply chains are complex and involve a large number of actors — from small-scale farmers, primary processors, and traders to product manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and consumers. The emerging blockchain technologies, which improve transparency, security, and durability of supply chains, show promise for addressing the current limitations of food supply chain management:- Covid -19 has […]

Be21 Skilled

The rapid change of technology, growing globalisation and internationalisation in addition to the shift from industrial to knowledge-based economies has created the need for 21st century skills. Well-rounded 21CS are vital in battling uncertain future and aiding Europe in being more resilient and responding better to looming threats. Possession of these skills is thus seen […]


The overall objective of ARENAS (Analysis of and Responses to Extremist Narratives) is to characterise, measure and understand the role of extremist narratives in discourses that have an impact on the political and social spheres, but also on the stakeholders themselves. By understanding how these narratives work, ARENAS will empower people to resist them and […]


The aim of the MODES project is to improve the learning experience of foreign students by addressing the problem of the so- called “culture shock” that many of these international student face, and that often limits the quality of their international experiences.  By improving the learning experience of foreign students in classrooms and campus life, […]

Cultural Heritage 2.0

The cultural and creative sectors were among the most severely impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. A rapid push to develop new digital models of customer engagement is proving to be a challenge within the cultural heritage sector. Covid-19 has highlighted existing inequalities between larger cultural heritage organizations and smaller players with the latter having lower […]

SECure – SME Early Crisis Toolkit

Both young and long-established companies are exposed to a constant risk of crisis. And we certainly have had more than our share of crisis in recent times. External (e.g. Covid 19, Brexit) or internal causes can be decisive: declining demand, delayed adjustments to the company structure and bad debts are just a few examples of […]

Trustworthy AI Project

Momentum are delighted to join our Irish partner NUI Maynooth in an ERASMUS+ project to enhance the teaching of Artificial Intelligence and its ethical aspects. In recent years, Artificial Intelligence has been developing rapidly, improving our healthcare systems, and increasing the efficiency of farming, production systems, security and much more. However, the offer of AI […]

Street Culture for Regions

Street culture has grown exponentially in recent years, driven by the mainstreaming of youth culture and the revitalization of urban areas. From street art to food trucks, pop-up markets to cutting edge fashion and sport, street culture is any commercial activity that takes place “on the streets” and contains the creative forces that can mould […]

Growing European Micro-enterprises (GEM)

Growing European Micro-enterprises (GEM) is about building High Growth Enterprise Coaching capacity and capability in Spain, United Kingdom, Ireland, the Netherlands, Austria and across Europe. GEM aims to contribute to the development of an increase in the number of High Growth Enterprises throughout Europe. Growing European Enterprises (GEM) will create a new digital learning tool giving […]

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