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The Street Culture For Regions Resource Kit is a Success

Interested in street culture entrepreneurship ? Working to support entrepreneurs to build their way in street culture ? You need to download The Street Culture For Regions Resource Kit. The Resource Kit is proving to be a huge success and in this kit you will find inspiring stories in several countries, online resources and […]

The Include Me Project – Inclusion Through Mediation

We’d like to introduce you to the Include Me project. The project has a clear aim: empower learners, activists, and migrants to become peer-to-peer mediators in their communities and wider area. We are all about inclusion here in Momentum. Over the last number of years, we have worked on many projects that aim to empower […]

Trustworthy AI – An Introduction

We are working on the Trustworthy AI Project at the moment, this is a hugely interesting project and very relevant to the times we live in. What is artificial intelligence? In simple terms artificial intelligence (AI) refers to a computer, robot, or another machine with the ability to mimic the capabilities of a human mind. […]

Migrant Community Mediators – Helping to Empower and Inspire

The Migrant Community Mediators is a project that we are very passionate about. We can empathise with the issues that migrants face in their new homes, we know it can be extremely hard trying to fit into a new country. There are so many new rules and it is a completely different way of life […]

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