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Introduction to Community Mediation – The Include Me Project

We are looking for teachers, trainers and adult/community educators, but also higher education students with migration or intercultural background to test the first module of our Training Course in mediation education. This is in connection to the IncludeMe (Inclusion through Mediation Project). This Training Course aims to provide educators with resources, knowledge and skills to […]

BESTIE in Bordeaux

Sanja is our Intercultural and EU Project Specialist, and she recently went to Bordeaux for the first in-person transnational partner meeting for the BESTIE: Befriending for Social and Digital Inclusion Project. Imagine youth, seniors and migrants teaching each other digital skills. Well stop imagining, this is it. We are delighted to be working on this […]

The 4th Erasmi Newsletter is now live

The 4th ERASMI Newsletter is now live and available to be downloaded. In this newsletter you can read about: – The 5th Transnational Virtual Meeting – The Multi-Actor Collaboration Toolkit evaluation results – Workshop “Integration beyond rural areas” – Germany – ERASMI network in Saxony-Anhalt – ITI – a Multi-actor collaboration project in Umbria region, […]

The Importance of the Day One in Europe Project

The Day One in Europe project has become so important in the last few weeks. Imagine being a child and having to move from your home with no warning. Not just your home either, your country. Leaving behind everything that you’ve ever known. Making a long journey without your friends and your toys, in some […]

INCLUDE HER – Resources Preview

The INCLUDE HER project is all about bringing digital competencies to higher institutions teachers and female migrant students. Here’s a quick preview of the free resources that are coming soon, a look at the modules, topics and what the first module covers. You can find out more about the project over on the website:

Sanctuary Runners and the Erasmi Project

Here at Momentum we are passionate about inclusion and this is one of the reason why we love working on the ERASMI Project. “Empowering Regional Actors & Stakeholders for Migrant and Refugee Inclusion” (ERASMI) is a three-year Erasmus+ project to identify innovative and interesting approaches to network collaboration in the field of migrant and refugee […]

The Include Me Project – Inclusion Through Mediation

We’d like to introduce you to the Include Me project. The project has a clear aim: empower learners, activists, and migrants to become peer-to-peer mediators in their communities and wider area. We are all about inclusion here in Momentum. Over the last number of years, we have worked on many projects that aim to empower […]

Introducing the Migrant Community Mediators Project

MCM is an EU Erasmus+ Project bringing together partners and experts from Sweden, United Kingdom, France, Ireland and the Netherlands. MCM has a clear objective is a dynamic participatory adult education initiative to upskill and empower representatives of migrant communities to become agents for advancement in migrant integration and social inclusion as Migrant Community Mediators. […]

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