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Sandra Besa Longmore

Sandra Besa Longmore

Writer and Content Creator (Internship)

Sandra Longmore is a recent graduate of the University of Groningen, where she earned her bachelor’s degree in English Language and Culture. Presently, she is furthering her academic pursuits by pursuing a Master’s degree in Writing, Editing, and Mediating at the same institution. Sandra’s academic and professional interests primarily centre around literature, with a particular emphasis on fostering diversity and inclusion within literary spaces. 

In addition to her academic endeavours, Sandra has embarked on an exciting new journey as a Writing and Content Creation Intern with Momentum Educate and Innovate. Through this internship, she seeks to hone her writing skills while contributing to meaningful projects that align with her passion for diversity and inclusion. 

Looking ahead, Sandra harbours aspirations of venturing into the publishing industry. She aims to leverage her academic background and professional experiences to advocate for diversity and inclusion throughout all stages of the publishing process. With a steadfast commitment to promoting underrepresented voices and narratives, Sandra is poised to make a positive impact within the literary world.

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