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Intersection of Innovative Green, Digi, EntreComp Education Our project adapts entrepreneurship education to current digital, environmental, and social trends, contributing to the advancement of the field. By operationalizing in these three high-demand frameworks, we aim to accelerate the impact of Higher Education on the green and digital transition, aligning with Erasmus+ priorities for fostering digital […]

Epic Stays

Epic Stays – Entrepreneurial Opportunities in Alternative Accommodation A Shared European Vision: Inspired by the Need for Tourism Accommodation and Rural Tourism Regeneration Epic Stays is more than just a project; it’s a partnership fuelled by a shared vision. Inspired by insights from global leading organisations like the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) and […]

DARE – Diversities Reviving Enterprises

DARE believes there is a need for a fair, inclusive society which increases pressure on businesses to enable more inclusive working conditions. It is evident to DARE that VET educators and labour market actors face a huge responsibility to make the EU as welcoming and open a place as possible. DARE will deliver resources which […]


The objective of the FORESTWELL project is to develop an innovative and sustainable teaching module in an Augmented Reality environment for Vocation Education & Training (VET) providers, VET learners and entrepreneurs in the tourism and wellness industry to develop the knowledge and skills aimed at capitalizing the latest megatrend known as forest-based wellbeing, wellness and […]


According to the estimates, the share of rural tourism in total tourism revenues in Europe is around 15% and shows a continuous increase. Important rural tourism activities are carried out Europe-wide such as small and medium-sized hotels, restaurants, village houses, etc. They are important and active in the rural tourism sector, especially in the form […]


Eco-health tourism is closely aligned with the priorities of today’s youth. It is underpinned by sustainability and how the quality of their natural environments is positively influenced by nature, culture, tourism, and protection and integrated to the benefit of their local community. Climate change and COVID have recently catapulted the need for young entrepreneurs to […]


New Heights for Youth Entrepreneurship is a dedicated climate smart mountain entrepreneurship programme for young people. Empowering them to participative and implement decisive action towards the rejuvenation of mountain economies through sustainable mountain tourism and economic development now and in the future. Europe’s mountain regions have contributed to shaping not only Europe’s history, society and […]


The objectives of CATALYSE are to provide social enterprises, their communities and adult education with the resources that will help them add to the social and economic fabric of their communities by way of social impact, to assist existing and future entrepreneurs to gain the skills they need to support community development and develop new and […]


Mission FUSION enables festivals and youth organizations to collaborate and unlock their potential for social innovation by providing them with a tailored suite of resources. These include an All You Need to Know Guide, a Reach and Teach Toolbox, Online Educational Resources as well as Alliances and Action Plans focused on social innovation at festivals. […]

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